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Trip to Italy

How to Look Fashionable for Your Trip to Italy

Have you decided to travel to Italy? If yes, this is the article you’re looking for. Since Italy is a country famous for its fashion designers who are true trend setters in all of...
Write Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog on a Budget

Traveling is a great way to spend our time and our hard-earned income. As people who work, it can be difficult to find time throughout the year to travel any great distance. Most of...
Sunny Beach of cuba

Don’t Plan to Visit Cuba or the Dominican in the Spring

Imagine you find yourself suddenly compelled to pack a bag, grab your sun hat and fly far, far away from the rainy, drizzly spring season in North America. You love both coasts, from museums...
Chicago Travel

5 Beauty Tips for Chicago Travelers

Chicago is a popular destination for business travelers and pleasure seekers alike. You can see an eclectic mix by visiting Chicago Theatre, Wrigley Field, the Art Institute of Chicago as well as enjoy great...
Visit South Africa

Visit Africa: Discover Southeast

There is something magical in cities like Paris, New York or Rome, and there's a reason why many of us dream to visit them at least once in our lifetime. Charm, history and culture...
Holiday Club Resort

Be Confident in Joining Australia’s Award-Winning Club Management Company

There has always been some doubt and confusion as to whether Classic Holidays is a legitimate name in the industry. This is because of some negative vibes that are spoiling the reputation of the...
Backpacking Stove

Prefer Fuel Efficiency Over Size While Choosing A Camping Stove

Although you are buying a portable, back packing stove, but you must always buy the stove which is fuel efficient. These days we are depriving our earth from its valuable natural resources, and as...
Travel Buddies

How To Get Along With Your Travel Buddy

Travelling to any corner of the world can be one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of your life as you can get to meet new people, see new places and explore new...
Business Trips

Travelling for Business? Keep in Mind These Healthy Tips

Even the most disciplined travellers can succumb to hectic schedules and leave their healthy eating and exercise habits behind, when they venture away from their home on a short or long business trip. So...
Ferry to London

Catching the Ferry to London

Last week the Ferries 2 France team caught a ferry from Calais to Dover and headed up to London for a sightseeing adventure along the River Thames (it was cheaper than catching the Eurostar!). On...

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