2015 Seasonal Destinations to visit in USA


The United States of America is home to some of the best seasonal destinations in the world. In essence, most of the seasons in the US come with a package that is tailored to meet your expectations. We have a list that contains some of the most ideal seasonal destinations in the US during the 2015 seasonal breaks.

Travel in USA
Travel in USA

• Philadelphia

This is one of the most ideal winter destinations in the US. Essentially, when you are Philadelphia, it does not matter how cold it is when you are in a Matisse at the Barnes. It is even more exciting when you are exploring the independence hall. Or you can consider taking time and fiddling with the hands – on exhibits of at the newly refurbished Benjamin Franklin Museum. Philadelphia comes with a several attractive packages that are ideal for everyone depending on their budget. All you have to do is get in touch with your preferred travel agency and make prior arrangements.

• Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is one of the most stunning seasonal destinations to visit in the US especially during the winter season. This location is ideal for individual and family moments as it has facilities and activities that can meet everyone’s expectations. The main feature of Denver, Colorado is the winter season. There are various exciting and thrilling winter sport activities. In addition, the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park offers a string of non-downhill activities. Some of these activities include hiking, snowshoeing, cross country among others. Denver, Colorado is also home to a buzzing and buoyant nightlife filled with pomp and glamour.

South Woodstock - Vermont
South Woodstock – Vermont

• Vermont

It is arguably true that Vermont is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the US during fall. This location is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites that cannot be compared with any other location. Some of the most amazing locations in Vermont include the Lake Champlain Islands and the magnificent Green Mountains. During fall, it would be to your disadvantage if you do not carry your camera along. The fall season at Vermont gives you a rare opportunity to capture amazing array of subtle colour changes.

• New York

If you are planning to spend your fall vacation in upstate, New York gives you plenty of opportunity in terms of options. There are great spots where you can see fall foliage as it peaks during the fall season. In addition, if you are fan of sports, New York offers you a great opportunity to visit the National Baseball Hall of fame. Some of the other activities that you can engage in during fall season include kayaking, leaf-peeping activities, hiking among the spectacular fall colours at the Glimmerglass State Park.

Florida USA
Florida USA

• Florida

During summer time, make sure that you book a spot in Florida. Some of the best locations and beaches you can visit during this time include the Delray Beach, which is home to the bohemian community and buoyant atmosphere. There are various accommodation facilities to cater for visitors. In addition, this is a great location to spend that rare moment with your loved ones and friends and you enjoy the day and nightlife along the Florida beaches.

It is important to ensure that you have gone through the USA Esta process for right documentation. This will enliven the moment as you take time to be part of these great destinations.