4 Reasons to Book a Winter Holyday in Tirol, Austria


Tirol may be one of the most attractive mountain regions in Europe, as it offers an incredibly wide variety of open-air activities for both winter lovers and those who’d rather spend a cool summer in the mountains. Winter is coming fast and if you are winter sports passionate, taking a vacation to Tirol, either with the family or with your friends may be a very good idea. The scenery is spectacular and there are few things you can’t do over there in terms of sports, rest and entertainment.

Practice Winter Sports

Whether you are a veteran of skiing or snowboarding, or just want to learn a few tricks, Tirol has a great deal of winter sports opportunities. You can ski, of course, and choose your level of difficulty according to your pre-set skills, the children can enjoy sleigh rides and if you are daring and physically trained enough, Tirol provides its tourists with a lot of winter hiking opportunities. If you recently bought your winter gear, you are then more than ready to try some rather extreme winter sports, like snow-kiting. Or you can just embark on a long ski trip, as Tirol offers over 4,000 km of ski tracks.

Enjoy nature and improve your health

Tirol has a lot of natural parks which can be enjoyed even in the winter, although the green majestic beauty of the mountains explodes during the warm season. Still, you can try to book yourself some sessions within the thermal spas Tirol provides its tourists with and enjoy hot baths and luxury treatments after a hard day of skiing. The natural iced beauty of the mountains combines spectacularly with the notion of thermal spas, as you deserve to spoil yourself and improve your health.

Winter Holiday with Family
Winter Holiday with Family

Enjoy the culture and the social life

Tirol is not only about packing up your gear and face the snowy mountains. It is about exploring culture, architecture, traditions, local savory events, culinary masterpieces, local folklore, carnivals, music events and art exhibitions. If you are a foodie, Tirol is the place for you, as it has some local dishes famous all over the world, secluded restaurants with an atmosphere you will remember and some menus you will never forget. Those who want to shop some souvenirs have a wide range of modern malls and local boutiques with everything to match the tourists’ tastes and preferences.

Enjoy quality time with the family

In winter you can find a lot of interesting accommodation options for the entire family and don’t think for a second that Tirol will be boring for the kids. You can take the opportunity to gear them up professionally and book them ski lessons for beginners, attract them to the wild side by showing them the beauties of nature and the spectacle the mountains can offer, ignite their curiosity towards exploration and environment protection by taking them in hiking trips (on special family easier trails), or by spending a day together riding the sleighs.

Austria is a beautiful country and Tirol has incredible touristic opportunities for summer and winter. If you book your trip in time, you will maybe have the opportunity to try your new skiing gear, attend the holidays spent in a traditional manner, enjoy specific dishes and take part to the adventure of your life.