5 Tips for Optimum Neighbourhood Etiquette Whilst Camping


There are few informal rules which most of the country make an effort with, but when it comes to keeping the neighbours happy there’s no doubt that most would agree it’s an advisable thing to do. Unfortunately, this is something that doesn’t always occur and when things do go wrong, they tend to escalate quite quickly and cause a whole host of problems.

However, the purpose of this article isn’t to highlight some of the most famous neighbour fallouts (after all, there was a popular television show that aimed to do that. Instead, we’re going to look at neighbours from the camping perspective and how keeping on the right side of them is just as important on these trips.

Whilst Camping
Whilst Camping

Therefore, if you are set to embark on a camping holiday, it’s important to keep relations positive in a bid to keep spirits high on your break. The last thing you want is to be constantly bickering with your temporary neighbours and in order to avoid this; we’ve detailed our five favourite camping etiquette tips.

Stick to your own camp site

You’ve erected your posh new tent from Jacksons Camping and have just settled into your new surroundings. Then come to footsteps, followed by a hoard of fellow campers from another site. It’s certainly not a pleasant experience and if we were to liken it to anything, it would be someone else trespassing in your back garden. The last thing you want is to be sat around your tent only to be constantly interrupted by groups using your site as a bypass. Therefore, don’t act like this to other camp sites.

Always keep a pet on their lead

You might love the presence of your dog – and there are probably ten million other people in the world who’d think the same. However, there are also countless people who are absolutely terrified of pets and the thought of one wandering around at their leisure is enough to scare the living daylights out of them. We certainly don’t suggest keeping your dog tied to a tiny area throughout the trip, but just restrict them so they can only venture around your tent and group.

On a similar subject, dog mess is one of the pet-hates (pardon the pun) of the typical hiker and campers will feel exactly the same if their foot finds it. You should also remember that you can be fined for this, so keep an eye on your dog and clean up after them.

Extinguish your camp fire as you leave

The dangers of camp fires can’t be understated, particularly in summer where the dry conditions can increase the risks of fire spreading substantially. Just the thought of an unguarded fire will likely ruffle up more than a few feathers is meaning that you should extinguish it whenever you go to sleep or temporarily leave the site.

Whilst Camping Essential Items

Watch the noise watershed

The general rule in England is that after 10 pm, the noise has to be reduced. Some campsites will have specific guidelines on when to turn the volume down, but you should exercise common sense whenever and simply keep it down if you know your fellow campers are trying to get some sleep. While late night camp chats are something of a tradition, don’t turn them into a fully-fledged party.

Don’t be afraid to make introductions

You might only be staying for a few days, but there’s certainly no harm in attempting to make friends. Furthermore, it will minimise the risk of any disagreements occurring in the future and is likely to make everyone’s holiday go much more smoothly.