A Charismatic and Colorful Trip to Mexico


Mexico is one of the most common holiday locations among the western countries. It is situated in the northern region of the American continent between the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. United States is on the north and on the south there are Guatemala and Belize. The country is almost 1,964,375 sq km in area and has thirty two states in total. These states are diverse in nature and very colorful and vibrant, unique in their own ways. Tourists enjoy all these states as there is no scarcity of activities that one can take part in. The country of Mexico has six major tourist regions.

While the north part of the country is known for its bizarre and intense weather circumstances, the central part of the country has beautiful and calm cities, full of charm. Northern Mexico has deserts where it can be scorching heat and nothing else. The central Mexico on the other hand is so beautiful that some part here have been stated as national world heritage sites.

The southern Gulf of Mexico is famous for its shores and nice scenic beauty. This part is joined with Pacific Ocean which provides a great tourism attraction. The beautiful shores are always tourist favorite spots where they come in numbers to do sun bath and relax. Great hotels and villas have been made beside the seaside keeping the view as a major feature. Here in the southern Mexico, one can find forests, swamps and mangrove etc. These marshes and other greenery help the visitors to plan for exciting outdoor activities.

It is said that the gateway to Mayan world is the Yucatan peninsula where one can find endless stretching of white sand beach and fresh blue water of Carrabin Sea. Did you know that it is the world’s second largest coral reef? There are artificial fresh water pools named cenotes which are perfect for you to swim if you feel uncomfortable swimming in the river water. You can surf and enjoy playing water-sports a great deal in the pacific coast region. If you come here with your family, it would be a fun idea to go fishing with your kids. There are various restricted areas devoted only to fishing. So you can have great fun to fishing and bonding with your child.

There are major five star hotels and restaurants which serve great food and provide five star quality services. You can come here with your partner right after the wedding, as it is a fabulous honeymoon destination. If you don’t know some part of the area that you are staying, you can take a walk in the colorful cities to explore more. The locals are very cheerful and always celebrating the joys of life. Though you must not roam around alone in the town as there are small gangs of terrorist who try to spread violence among the locals and create an atmosphere of terror. It is also advisable not to drink water or any food items from outside of the hotel you are staying to avoid food poisoning.