A Complete Tour Guide to Help You Enjoy the Best Visit to the Eastern Townships


Quebec City is a famous province that is located in the northern side of Vermont, along its international sidelines. The Eastern Townships of this beautiful tourist destination overlaps some of the regions of the United States and are regarded as the most opted places to visit in the Quebec City.

Civilizations that Flourished In the Eastern Townships

The history about the region reveals that the first inhabitants of the Quebec region were the loyalists from Britain, followed by the Irish and the Scottish, then the Canadians residing in the France, the Swiss and the Dutch, and finally by the Germans and the Polish. This has resulted in the flourishing of the mixed culture here.

Natural Wildlife Captuting - Quebec City
Natural Wildlife Captuting – Quebec City

Scenic Setting

The Eastern Townships are the homeland for many scenic beauties such as imposing mountains, lakes belonging to last glaciations from ancient times, large forests that are lined by the rivers, etc, and is famous for its beautiful collection of the Natural Wildlife and also for the availability of some natural resources such as zinc and copper. The old collections of sawmills and the railroads has also added some additional beauty to the tourist destination.

When you visit the townships, you can see some round shaped barns found alongside the borders. These were built during historical times to restrict the ferocious winds from entering the cities. You can even find some bridges that are covered with round roof so as to increase their life span. The citizens of the towns and cities that are located in the Eastern Townships are very religious and you can find the diversified religions by the churches built in many architectural styles in every street.

Natural Beauties - Quebec City National Park
Natural Beauties – Quebec City National Park

Must Visit Famous Cities and Towns in the Eastern Townships

The national parks and tourist destinations will always welcome its tourists irrespective of the seasons. The beautiful tourist places also offer wonderful activities for the families to enjoy their time here to the fullest.

The parks are also lined with well developed and wonderfully maintained 500 kilometres of bike trails and skiing paths so as to offer the best and memorable biking and skiing time for the visitors. Many cities located in The Eastern Townships are also famous for their orchards and vineyards and you can enjoy the flavours of the locally available wines and other such products at cheaper price range.

Traveling in Quebec City National Park
Traveling in Quebec City National Park

The Townships host more than 130 festivals and events throughout the year and you will get to enjoy at least two to three such festivals, every time you visit. During festival season, you will have the best time, since the cities organize fairs and put up shops according to the uniqueness of each city. You can buy the locally made products at reasonable price and you can improve your knowledge about the importance of every festival hosted here.

You can visit Sherbrooke, a famous college town and the seventh biggest city in the whole of The Eastern Townships. The city is regarded as the college town because you can find Bishop’s University and Universite de Sherbrooke in two different cities of the same province, which is quite rare around the locality.

The wonderful package of camping, cycling, hiking, skiing, fishing, biking, swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, etc, is only available in the Eastern Townships.