Delhi to Dharamshala, a Delightful Dreamland Trip


Charisma finds its true meaning at Dharamshala. This enchanting destination of Himachal Pradesh has been a popular tourist destination for ages. Home to sacred Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is more than just a hill station.

Dharamshala is blessed with an efficient transport system. The nearest railway station is Kangra Mandir located at a distance of 22 km from the town. It is small station which allows few major trains to arrive. The major rail junction is Pathankot, which is approximately 85 km away from Dharamshala and connects it with all major cities in India. Gaggal airport, which is also known as Dharamshala airport is situated in Kangra valley. The airport is around 15 km away and offers domestic flights to Delhi. Dharamshala has good bus connectivity as well; there are regular bus services available, which connect it with the nearby cities. HPTDC offers the convenience of online bus ticket booking and bus booking.

Known as the realm of the holy Dalai Lama and the learning house of the Tibetans, Dharamsala offers an environment that is divine in nature. It is among few of the destinations that actually bring peace and divinity to its visitors. The city is perched on the upper terrains of the Kangra Valley with a picturesque background of the Dhauladhar Mountain ranges. This truly divine city invites you to experience spirituality perfectly. Dharamshala has also been the witness of the Tibetan struggle for freedom and is thus has a dominating Tibetan influence in culture and tradition.

Beyond the natural beauty of the land, this small significant town is the preserver of several Buddhist Viharas and other architecture. These splendid pieces of architectures look their best with the backdrop of the dense green forest replete with Deodar and pine trees. The colorful Kotwali bazaar and Kanga Art Museum are some of the most interesting places to visit here.

Amongst many other historic places, the heritage of Haripur-Guler is worth cherishing. This twin township preserves the pride heritage of Guler dynasty. The towns are separated merely by a small river, which is indeed a haven for migratory birds. The hill in Haripur still preserves the ruins of various monuments built by Raja Hari Chand. There are couples of temples and cave which attract the tourists. The town is also famed for its traditional Kangra paintings.

One of the architectural marvels of the town is the Kangra fort. This marvelous fort is located 20 km from Dharamshala was built by the royal family of Kangra. It is in fact one of the largest and oldest forts in India. Kangra fort has been a significant witness to many rise and falls of the Indian rulers. The pride possession of the foreign rulers like Muhammad of Ghaznavi, Muhammad Bin Tughlak, it was finally taken over by Mughal emperor Jehangir.

The nearest metropolis to Dharamshala is Delhi. There are around total of 7 bus operators that operate regular buses between the two destinations. Buses from Delhi to Dharamshala are available between 04:40 PM and 06:31 PM. There are several private bus operators that allow advance online bus ticket booking for the same.

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