Delhi Travel with Friends and Family


India is charming, exotic and modern at the same time. The country has gone through an astonishing change or development in the past couple of decades. India is technologically advanced while being culturally superior. It needs not any mentioning that India is filled with beautiful mind-blowing sceneries and sights making it one of most interesting and most visited tourist destination of the world. There are many places or cities that you can visit once you are here. Mumbai is famous for being the entertainment capital of India as the bollywood industry is situated here. There are other places like Kolkata (Calcutta), Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Chennai, Jaipur where you can go and explore the diverse cultural heritage and take taste the famous individual cuisine. Today we are going to talk about Delhi the capital of the country.

Delhi is the place for adventurous and for those who want to know the heritage and culture of India better. It is a popular destination to visit with your family and kids. The city is filled with forts and palaces. You can see various beautiful and magnificent castles and forts and palaces with their grand gardens situated here in the city as the Nawabs and Maharaja’s use to rule the ancient India from Delhi. While you are in Delhi and exploring the city you will find that people from all over the world just like you are roaming around here and there. The busy streets and the decorated local markets are must see places. You must experience shopping from the local market as the items are very cheep and you will not find some of these beautiful decorating handmade craft anywhere else.

There are many five star hotels where you can stay. The Taj is an international seven star hotel where you can stay spending your big bucks. But the hotel will live up to its name for sure. You can feel relaxed and rejuvenated staying in this hotel. Order room service 24X7 and dine in the world class restaurant that is in the hotel. The hotel service has Wi-Fi system enabled so you don’t need to worry about work. There is satellite television available so you can see your entire favorite T.V. shows no matter which city you come from.

There are various mode of accommodation when you are in Delhi. You can travel by bus, train, and auto- rickshaw. The train system connects major part of the town and to the various cities. You can hire a taxi and see all the famous sites of the country. Take a camera and click away. But how will you know where to go and what to see. You can hire a professional guide who will take you to the famous places in the city. You can also make friends with the local natives and visit the city and see what real Delhi is all about.

It is very easy now-a-days to make friends from all over the world. If you want to visit Delhi and want to make friends here you can go to facebook and search people from Delhi. Get to know them and once you are in the city you can call them up and have a wonderful vacation. You must visit the famous and fantastic Hindu temples in town once you are here.