Discovering The Best Greek Beaches By Boat


Greece is popular everywhere thanks to its history and culture that have influenced the institutions and the customs of each country in the world. In recent years, Greece has became also a sea destination for people that loves the sea and the breathtaking landscapes. The variety of beaches and attractions make Greece a perfect destination for all types of holiday. In particular, Mikonos is perfect for young people that loves the nightlife, otherwise Rodi is more relaxing and scenographic.

Discovering Greece by boat, you can see hidden coves and landscapes that cannot be viewed by land and you can reach small coves that are inaccessible by street.

The first beach to be seen is St.Paul Beach in Lindos (Rodi). This is a very small cove with gold sand and a breathtaking sea. It is very quiet and there is some services in the beach.

If you love the breathtaking landscapes you should go to the beach of Elafonissi where there is a characteristic pink sand. Also the views behind the beach are wonderful and offers a wonderful scenography.

If you want to discover a very original beach you have to direction your marine steering wheel to the beach of Balos Lagoon, in the isle of Crete: a true spectacle of the nature where the white sand creates a sidewalk from the land to the rock that is into the sea creating a “lagoon”.

A small cove that can be reach only by boat is Navagio Beach, a gold sand beach where you can relax and get in touch with the landscape. The beach is surrounded by the high rocks behind it.

Direction the yacht steering wheel to the beach of Koukounaries Beach in the city of Skyathos we can found a beach surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. It owns white sand and a crystalline sea water. It is very popular so, sometimes there is crowd.

If you want to discover wonderful beaches but also get in touch with the Greek culture and history, you have to stop your boat in the isle of Egina, a small Greek island that owns a lot of historical monuments like the Temple of Aphaea.

Lalaria Beach is a small cove that can be reached only by sea or by walk so it is not human influenced and it is a true spectacle of the nature: Carribbean sea water with a sand seabed, beach of small white stones surrounded by high rocks and caves to be discovered. It is advisable to use the special shoes for stones in the beach. It is a beach very popular but not very frequented by tourists so there is always quiet that allows to get completely in touch with the landscape.

These are only few of the wonderful beaches that you can see discovering Greece with your boat.