Essential Tips for Planning your Dream Travel to India


If you have been planning to experience the best travel of your life, traveling to India would be one of your best options. The country’s tourist places provide plenty of things to serve people of all types and cultures. Indian holidays are a combination of leisure and excitement which makes every traveler interested in setting foot in the land of colors.

India is a country that covers a continent and has a population of one billion. As it is packed with world-class attractions, planning a travel to the country can be intimidating. But by being able to do your homework, the process can be completed easily with necessary information being obtained and your itinerary being organized. You can get such information from The following are some tips to help in planning your travel to India.

Know How Long will You Stay in the Country

For example, if you plan to have a ten-day vacation in India, you can plan of flying out on a Friday night or afternoon then arrive on the following day. Then you will have to depart on another Saturday and be back on your original destination on Sunday. This can grant you 13 days excluding the time to travel and the minimal recovery time for jet logs.

Establish your Indian Entry and Exit Points

Majority of those who visit India fly in and out. If many grounds are covered, you can have a triangular flight which will allow you to enter and exit from a couple of different cities. Often, this travel can be costly, thus, you can use a budget airline in the country to book your flight back to your original point. You can also choose to keep near the central entry and exit point and then double back or fly in a circular route and return to your entry and exit point.

Camel Safari
Camel Safari

Refer to Your Travel Guide all the Time

A travel guide is always in essential when traveling especially if it is your first time to visit any country. You have to remember how to enter and exit from the place you would want to visit. Also, be aware of the time it may take you to do the travel. In terms of planning a travel, it is essential to consider point-to-point travel time. You can take a pad, pencil and map in planning this travel time along with the time you will spend for each day of your trip.

Estimate your Itinerary Times

It is recommended that you have an estimate of the time you would want to spend as you do everything listed in your itinerary. You can be liberal as you make your estimate. Therefore, if you believe you will be in Taj Mahal for one hour, you can plan on being there for a couple of hours.

Do Not Hesitate to Disregard Attractions When you are Over Your Budget

You should always stick to your budget when you travel to avoid spending too much and facing financial issues in the end. When you seriously over budget, you can think of the entire route again. But when you are under your budget, you can begin adding attractions to visit.

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