Exploring a Beautiful Country – What You Need to Know About Costa Rica


Before traveling abroad it is important to prepare yourself for various changes. Learning about the country of your vacation destination will avoid confusion, culture shock and other common problems. Learning about the laws, culture and the basic life of people in the country will help you prepare and enjoy your vacation.

If you are planning to travel in Costa Rica and you want to be aware of what you can do in the country, you can explore Uniktour. Costa Rica is a beautiful small country which is located just along the tropical belt of Central America. The climate of the country remains tropical throughout the year making it great for seawater activities.

How to Get Around Costa Rica

Visiting a foreign country can be a memorable experience but you have to be truly prepared on what you should expect and plan your adventure. If you are driving to get around Costa Rica, you should be aware of the potholes which are very common on the road. Just follow the traffic signs just like you do in your native country.

However, if you are planning to rent a car, check the vehicle for dents or scratches to make sure you will not be charged for something you didn’t do. If you prefer take a public transportation like a taxi, be aware of those that does not have a meter and make sure that you have agreed upon the price that you have to pay before you hop in.

When it comes to transportation many people would choose to travel on package deals that include a vehicle to get around the place. This prevents you from the hassle of looking for car or public transportation to use. Most hotels and resorts in Costa Rica provides a special transportation service, so it would easier for you to go to the beach and return back to your accommodation safely.

Beautiful Costa Rica
Beautiful Costa Rica

Knowing Your Safety in Costa Rica

You can easily approach the locals of Costa Rica because most of them can speak English and are very friendly to foreigners. While it is true that crimes can occur anywhere, Costa Rica is not an exemption. However, crime rate is lower in the country than in any other places in Latin America. You just need to be wise enough of your moves because you are in a foreign country and always keep an eye of your valuables.

The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica has only claimed two seasons; wet and dry. Since the country is situated near the equator you must expect a tropical climate, thus, you have to bring with you enough sunscreen to protect your skin. To enjoy the beaches you can travel around December to April. If you prefer the wet season, where the number of tourist are less, you can visit around May to November.

It is a matter of personal choice of what you will do and when you will travel in Costa Rica. Getting to know the country is done through a deep research and exploration. Find out as much information about the country first before you plan your travel and exploration.

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