Fun Facts about the Country of Scotland


Scotland is one of the most celebrated countries in the whole world. It is known for its unique feature and also common characteristic with England. The country is filled with rich heritages. Before you make a holiday trip to the beautiful country of Scotland you may find these facts interesting.

In the restaurants and pubs of Scotland waiters won’t come to you to get the orders as you have to go to the bar to order for yourself. It may seem strange to a lot of people living in different cities but that’s the way it is in Scotland. It is part of their culture and to think that they are being rude is absolutely wrong.

Most of the pubs and restaurant in Scotland will have one common dish which is also considered as their national dish that is haggis. It is very popular and made up of lot of entrails from the sheep. It is basically a salty meal and served with mashed potatoes and a yellow turnip called neeps locally.

The weather in Scotland is eccentric. Sometimes it rains for about for days together and shows no sign of stopping. While visiting the country you must not want to be kept in a hotel room and not be able to go outside. That is why you need to check the weather forecast before making a holiday trip to the city. Taking proper clothes with you is a must. Take rain coats and other precaution so that you can enjoy yourself in any kind of weird climate. Also don’t forget to take your waterproof boots with you.

You can find various hotels to stay once you are in Scotland. These hotels are three stars and five stars so they will serve you right. But you must know one thing more that young tourists from all over the world tend to stay at the hostels in Scotland for long stay. It is both a popular and cheap destination in the country. Again mainly youth travelers and tourist stay in the hostels which are very clean and hygienic.

There are various transport systems when it comes to Scotland. The city is webbed with railway lines that connect the major parts of the country. You may find the train journey most relaxing and comforting. You can also take taxi or private car service in the country. You must know that one can not hire a private car to drive all by himself unless he is twenty one years old and then also he has to pay more rent for hiring a car as he is younger. But never mind these stupid rules you can get a coach ride in Scotland. The coach ride can be quite romantic if you are there with your loved ones. You can also explore the option of boat riding which is very thrilling and fun.

The country is filled with culture and art. You must have read the poems of Robert Burns who is still considered the greatest poet of Scotland. Know more about his work and life by visiting the country.