Getting To Know the Drake Hotel


The Drake Hotel, one of the top boutique hotels in North America, carries a historical flavor. The building leaves the impression of big city pizazz. Toronto’s urban atmosphere and big city style lends itself to this ‘hotbed of culture’. The Drake Hotel has grown over the years and settled into an elegant balance. Upon visiting this boutique hotel, you get a sense of what the past was like while enjoying the comforts of the present. This property has personality and presence in the community. The rooms are meticulously decorated with unique touches from its diverse community in downtown Toronto. While many hotels slack the comfortable assurance of a boutique hotel- the sense of belonging that a boutique hotel provides- The Drake delivers it all.

The Drake Hotel is a jewel of a property with an attached boutique the hotel is one of Toronto’s early treasures. The Drake is a hotel filled with artistic flavors. The hotel hosts art shows regularly and in fact, The Drake itself is art. This 19-room property is filled with artistic flare. While visiting The Drake, adding to an existing art collection or starting a wonderful art collection might be a good idea.

Staying at the Drake places you in the heart of Toronto’s busy cultural activities and gives easy access to tourist spots and nightlife. Toronto is a thriving city on the move, filled with an array of cultures. The Drake Hotel is a gathering place for Toronto’s artistic establishment and new inductees to converse. Toronto is filled with energy and people flock to The Drake Hotel, a trendy merging point where one might get a bit of that energy. Moreover, dining in Toronto is generally quite popular; there is nothing comparable to The Drake’s Dining Room.

The area surrounding The Drake is also historical. The Queens West art area is bustling with activity too good to miss. The General Store at The Drake is filled with lovely articles representing the essence of Toronto. The hotel was once a fixture of the old Railway and is now once again the Belle of Toronto. The decorators of the hotel have carefully preserved the past but brought the hotel gently into the future.

Drake Hotel

Boutique hotels are quaint, sophisticated and luxurious. The Drake Hotel is a great way to visit Toronto. Dine at Toronto restaurants for a wide range of foods on Queen West, or dine at The Drake’s Dining Room. Queens West is also filled with a number of diverse shopping opportunities and much more. Toronto is a truly a vibrant, amazing city to live in, and staying at The Drake Hotel gives you Toronto at its best.

Francis Jodden is an avid traveler and urban culture expert. Francis writes about his favorite cultural hotspots in Canada abroad, and especially recommends the hotspot that is in Toronto, Canada. Francis specifically recommends The Drake for dining in Toronto.