Holiday in Exotic Sundarban


Visiting new places is most exiting thing for one being an adventurous. If you are stuck like the office goers behind your desktop you will surely want to escape to life and travel. Man being the child of natural want to go to places he has not yet discover. Going to places can surely be exiting and refreshing. Man earns money to live comfortably but sometimes they just keep on working and stop enjoying the life.

So start getting back your life now. Make that move and go forward. Traveling does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot and be luxurious. It means to have fun. Fun can be taken from little places and little things. Seeing wonderful sights can give you a blissful state of mind.

If you are looking for some exotic places to go to what will be better than India? Come and enjoy the nature and its complex colors and aroma in the outskirts of busy metropolitan India. You surely have heard the beauty of Bengal and its Royal Bengal tiger. Now it’s time to visit the place for you. Get lost in the world’s biggest mangrove forest in Sundarban the literal meaning is the beautiful forest.

This wild forest is home to some of the world’s most varied species of plants and animals. There is a national park in Sundarban that is a must see. In the delta region of Sundarban is world’s largest natural deltas are found.

Sundarban Map

Various types of poisonous reptiles and snakes are sure to be found everywhere. In the river and into the sea numerous fishes can be found. In the river Ganges Gangetic dolphins are found. Deer in small group pass by now and then and the regal Bengal tigers are found to follow them. But don’t you worry about your safety. You will surely be safe and secure in your hotel room. You must take a guide with you while visiting various places. Thousand of crocodiles are seen to lie down on the beach in the sun and enjoying.

There are certain places which are prohibited. So do feel free to ask the guide for advice and stay away from dangerous places. Search all the beauties of Sundarban before making your trip. Have fun and enjoy on your trip.