How To Get Along With Your Travel Buddy


Travelling to any corner of the world can be one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of your life as you can get to meet new people, see new places and explore new things. So, if you’ve decided to stuff your life into a backpack and take on the tour to create life-long memories, there are few things that you need to get acquainted with. If you are solo traveller, the dreadful questions that can bug you before going out for a vacation are – will you be able to get along with your travel buddy? Will you both stay cool together? What if your buddy leaves you halfway?

Finding cool travel buddies and getting along with them perfectly is little difficult but can be fun.

So here is the list of things you can do to gel up well with your travel partner and make your any trip fun, exciting and hassle-free.

Travel Partners
Travel Partners

Recognize differences

It is important to understand different people like to travel in different ways. For some meticulous and detailed schedule works well while others may prefer to wing it. Make sure that both of you understand and help each other to avoid any confusion in travel planning.

Plan an agenda

Agenda is one of the key factors that can make your travel plan smooth and well-scheduled. So make your agenda and itemize what each one of you want to see, do and explore throughout the trip and allot a fixed date and duration for that.

Travel Buddies
Travel Buddies

Make a proper budget

Set up a budget and specify every expense for the trip. Make a rough draft how much the trip is going to cost and how are you going to share it. Clearly determine how each person will be spending on what and if there are some specific things you are really willing to splurge on. All these clarification before heading for a trip will be beneficial as many arguments occur because of money issues. So it’s best to plan and budget before you leave.

Don’t play the blame game

Don’t blame your travel partner for any situation which is out his/her control. Lots of weird things might happen for example a bus is late, a tour is cancelled or a bag or some important documents are lost/stolen. Think before you start a heated argument with your partner and ask yourself–was this really his or her fault?

Travel Partner
Travel Partner

Be cooperative

You should be willing to cooperate and compromise to do those things that both travel partners happily accepts. Both of you have to give up on something to make each other happy. If you feel that you or your partner is feeling irritated ask few questions to each other-are we tired? Are we hungry? Are we uncomfortable? Rest at some place and calmly work towards chalking out solutions that works well for both of you.

Take breaks at regular interval

It is important that you take break from each other and spend some time alone. In case your travel plans are in conflict or your travel partner wants to rest in the hotel, you guys can split off and plan to meet again later. The good travel partners are the ones who understand each other’s wants well.

Travel Across The Globe
Travel Across The Globe

Communicate well to avoid conflicts

We all know communication is the best way to avoid confusion or conflict. You should clearly communicate if something is really bothering you. Make sure you speak up if there is something that could make your holiday more hassle free and exciting and consider the views of your partner as well. With mutual respect of each other’s views and thoughts and strong communication you will be on your way to a fantastic adventure!

Work and laugh together

Plan and work out finding strengths and weaknesses of each other. You can take up the task that you do well and your partner can do the things he/she is good at for example if you are better at planning and your partner better at clicking pictures, then do this way only.

With a good sense of humour, you guys can share amazing moments and laugh your heart out together. Person with a good sense of humour often make difficult things easier. You can always share a laugh about your travel experiences to make your voyage together unforgettable one.

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