How to Get Significant Discounts on Your Holiday Accommodation


Hotel accommodation can take a large bite out of holiday funds, but tasty deals and discounts are out there if you know where to look. There are also a few tried and tested methods that should result in significant hotel price reductions, leaving you with more money to spend on treating yourself to a holiday with a capital ‘H’…

Shop around using online hotel sites

There are plenty of accommodation websites where customers can input details to be presented with a list of available hotels. Sites such as these can be great for finding discount hotel rates but to find the lowest room rates available always use more than one site. Hotel accommodation websites are similar to comparison websites in that they won’t list every hotel possible. By using two or more websites you can widen your hotel search option and find lower rates, sometimes on the same hotel.

Book a hotel but don’t pay in advance

Booking well in advance is a major factor when it comes finding hotel rooms at great discounts. Many people don’t always book in advance because it means they have to pay out for their accommodation ahead of time as well. However, there are also certain accommodation websites that won’t charge until you arrive at the hotel and booking rooms in advance means you can achieve excellent discount hotel rates. This means you money isn’t sitting with a holiday agent for months when it could be sitting in your bank account.

Hotel and Travel
Hotel and Travel

Consider off peak holiday seasons

The peak summer holiday season is the period when hotels rates are at a premium. However, booking a hotel only a few weeks either side of this season means you can obtain hotel discounts of up to 70% off the summer prices. Also research the destination you are visiting to find out when the national vacation periods are. For example, if you want to visit Paris and stay in a five star luxury hotel for the price of a two star then go during August when Parisians take their vacation. Since Paris is popular in the spring, anytime outside of this period is a better bet, so it certainly pays to do your homework.

Negotiate with your travel agent

Travel agents make money by selling holidays and commissions are a major factor when it comes to negotiating hotel prices. If you have found your ideal hotel then approach your travel agent and see if they can beat the price. This will usually work with chain travel agents who need to achieve high sales figures every month but it’s also worth trying with independent travel operators.