How to Plan a Pet Friendly Holiday


As strange as it may sound to the non-pet enthusiast, some people will simply refuse to go on holiday because of their furry friend. This has resulted in a surge in the number of pet-friendly getaways that can now be obtained and it doesn’t matter whether you’re jetting out to Europe or driving down the M1, there are now plenty of facilities that cater for pets.

However, it goes without saying that going away with your pet is somewhat different than the standard holiday. There are a variety of other things you need to consider, as we’ll decipher through the course of our latest post…

Accommodation choice

Unsurprisingly, getting your accommodation in order should be the first thing you carry out. Whether you are staying in one of the UK’s holiday towns or somewhere in the South of France, making sure that the hotel accepts pets is the first thing you should do. Fortunately, more and more establishments are turning pet friendly and if you were to browse through some of the major chains, you’ll probably find that the majority accept pets with a small surcharge.

Travel considerations

If you happen to be going abroad, you’ll need to prepare your journey months in advance or risk not being able to take your pet. While the regulations have been relaxed over the last couple of years, you will still need to acquire a pet passport as well as various vaccinations depending on the destination you are heading to. Furthermore, don’t forget that if you have decided to fly, only a small selection of airlines will be able to offer a pet transit service and most of the budget ones do not provide it.

The UK trips meanwhile have fewer considerations attached and as long as you have a decent size car, you’re generally good to go.

Pet Friendly Holiday
Pet Friendly Holiday

Excess baggage

On the subject of car sizes, don’t forget that you’ll have to be stringent when it comes to baggage choices. Unless you have a Chihuahua, taking a dog in the car will take up plenty of space and might mean that you can’t take that extra bag you were planning to. It might be an idea to take more compact bags such as the Members lightweight luggage solutions, with such options able to squeeze more easily into any available space that your car might have.

Furthermore, as well as your own baggage, you’ll also require all of the toys and food that belong to your pet. If you’re going away for a couple of weeks, this can again take up plenty of valuable space in your vehicle.

Pet-related essentials

We touched upon food and toys in the last paragraph, but there are a whole host of other items that you’ll probably require. For example, some hotels demand that you take a crate if you plan on leaving your pet in the room alone and if you don’t already have one, these generally don’t come cheap. Elsewhere, leads, treats and even a bed will be needed and again, they all take up space that most people don’t have. Subsequently, it’s a good idea to create a list before you travel – and ask yourself whether or not you can just purchase some of the items, such as the edible ones, at the destination you are heading to.