How to Prepare For a Hiking Holiday


With budget airlines constantly marketing cheap European getaways, one could be forgiven for thinking that hiking holidays are rarely taken. As it turns out, despite exotic holidays becoming more accessible, even more people are actually turning to the UK countryside to embark on a walking vacation. In fact, they are proving to be one of the most common holidays that are undertaken.

There have been no studies to conclude why the above has occurred. It might be because people have simply grown tired of those tourist-friendly European destinations, or simply because a hiking holiday is less intrusive on the wallet and therefore more viable. Whatever the reason, hiking is back in fashion – and the remainder of this article will show you how to plan a walking holiday if the experience appeals to you.

Set your targets

First and foremost, make sure you specify exactly what you want from your trip. Many people prepare for a hiking excursion like marathon training, with the participants having to decide exactly what they expect from their walks. If you are looking to bask in glorious countryside, you’ll probably want to choose a short route. Alternatively, if there is a particular route that takes your fancy but is far too long to be walked in the week you are away; consider slicing it in half and completing the remaining 50% the next time you are in the area.

Hiking Climbing
Hiking Climbing

Choose your route

On the subject of routes, now is the time to choose exactly which one you will be undertaking. Now you have established how many miles you are looking to walk and what sort of scenery you are looking for, you should aim to pick a location that matches these ambitions. We really can’t provide any additional help in this matter and with the UK absolutely flooded with picturesque areas and National Trust walks, you really need to sit down with your fellow travellers and decide which route suits you the most.

Book your accommodation

Now you have established the region where you will be hiking, you need to arrange a suitable form of accommodation. If you have set your mind on a long hike, it might be advisable to move between hotels as your route progresses. However, if you have decided to embark on several shorter ones, you should perhaps consider a luxury hotel, like Ufford Park, where the facilities will allow you to relax between walks.

Hiking Holiday
Hiking Holiday

Collect the necessary essentials

If you’ve never been hiking before, don’t travel to your destination armed with a pair of old trainers and an anorak from the back of the cupboard. While you might get away with such equipment for your standard, once-in-a-month hike, when it comes to a serious walking holiday you need to be much more prepared. Walking boots are pretty much essential and will save your feet from all types of wear and tear, while make sure you invest in decent waterproofs as the last thing you want is to be rained off when you have taken the time out to go on such a holiday.

Hit the hills

Finally, it’s time to put all of the preparation in action and hit the hills. While the UK certainly has its critics from some perspectives, now is the time to forget about all of that and just take in all of the natural beauty.