How to Use Travel Guidebooks


There are Google Reviews, Expedia, Trip Advisor and loads of other review sites populated with hundreds of supposedly authentic restaurant recommendations for just about every single town, village, or city on the planet. However, there is a nasty rumor going around that perhaps some of those ‘user reviews’ are less then objective. We are not here to set the record straight, or even to recommend certain establishments. We are here to tell you how you can find out where to go and what to avoid.

There are a couple of caveats when using reputable guidebooks as a guide for travel. First, the information can become outdated quite quickly – through no fault of the writer or publisher. For example, Dolly’s Café in Montego Bay was recommended in a Lonely Planet Guidebook; unfortunately, the eatery got wind of the lofty review and raised its prices before the book even hit the stores.

When using a Frommer’s book, be sure to remember that if a restaurant or attraction is not listed in the book, it is not an oversight. Frommer’s only includes listings of business they recommend, anything left out was meant to be left out, and is certainly not worth your time or money. Fodor’s classifies itself as a provider of travel information, thus every business will be listed with pertinent information.

Lonely Planet guidebooks are somewhere in between Frommer’s and Fodor’s. While their books do list travel information, such as names and addresses of recommended businesses, Lonely Plant also puts more emphasis on the culture of the destination. Culture is addressed in Fodor’s and Frommer’s, but not to the same extent, and with as much detail as Lonely Planet.

The best use of travel guidebooks is reading them well before embarking on your journey. If you plan to find accommodations ‘on the fly’, use your books to find affordable hotel in Los Cabos options before you leave home. If the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Resort is your chosen place for home base, guidebooks will serve as tools for finding good food, exciting activities, and the very best scenery.