Kandy and Colombo – Best Places of Sri Lanka


If you are planning the perfect escape from the monotonous daily life, Sri Lanka is the best option for you. Sri Lanka is an amazing place on the planet earth. One can experience the thrill of the depth of the oceans to the height of the mountains. Sri Lanka has it all. The nation is wonderfully known for its marine habitat, golden beaches, untamed natural wildlife, delicious food, wonderfully carved temples and many more. But to visit the beautiful nation, one needs to have the Sri Lanka visa. There is a simple step by step process, which needs to be applied to get the visa to this beautiful place. There are many major cities in Sri Lanka. Kandy and Colombo are the best places of Sri Lanka.

Thuparamaya Dagoba Anuradhapura
Thuparamaya Dagoba Anuradhapura

Kandy – The Most Sacred Places for the Buddhist

1. Kandy is one of the largest cities of the nation. It is in the middle of the hills surrounding the Kandy plateau. It is a popular world heritage place as declared by UNESCO. It forms the capital of the Central Province. It is both the religious and administrative place of the nation.

2. The city is located amidst the ranges of the Knuckles and the Hanthana range of mountains. It bears the climate of tropical rainforest. This place is one of the important religious places of the Buddhists.

3. Kandy is a beautiful natural place with a wide range of beautiful parks, gardens, temples, forests and many more. The visit to Kandy is full of adventure. It forms the perfect place to break the shackles of the monotony. Visit Kandy and get mesmerized in the lap of nature.

Sri Lanka Hotel Resort
Sri Lanka Hotel Resort

Colombo – The Capital City of Sri Lanka

1. Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka. It is also the largest city in terms of population and a renowned tourist place in Sri Lanka. This place is a vibrant city with the perfect blend of colonial culture and the modern lifestyle.

2. Colombo experiences a moderate climate across the year. It forms a wonderful tourist destination. It hosts theatrical events, regattas and many more colourful events across the shores. The city is known for its tremendous panorama and vivacious lifestyle.

3. The city contains some of the beautiful paintings, pieces of art and wonderful architecture. The sculptures, sketches are simply mind blowing. One can also experience the adventure of the diverse wildlife beauty.

Colonial Rusty Canon in Fort - Colombo - Sri Lanka
Colonial Rusty Canon in Fort – Colombo – Sri Lanka

Top Things to do in Kandy and Colombo

1. With a lot of boutiques and local art, these two places of Sri Lanka form the best place for the flamboyant shoppers. The modern art with the traditional touch makes these places the shopper’s paradise.

2. Enjoy the wonderful buzzy nightlife in the casinos, clubs and bars. Rejuvenate yourself and dance to the tunes of some of the popular numbers till the dawn.

3. Enjoy the adventurous diving, snorkelling and scuba in the oceans and experience a relaxing sun bath on the beautiful golden beach. Also, enjoy the superb seafood and make your holiday special.

Get the Sri Lanka visa at the earliest and visit these beautiful destinations. Revitalize and reinvigorate yourself. Enjoy the beauty of the nature to the fullest.