Make It a Weekend to Remember and Get Away To the Mountains


Just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia exists one of the worlds most enchanted mountain getaways. Whistler is home to North America’s premiere mountain resort town. Are you looking for a weekend to remember which includes a getaway to the mountains? Welcome to Whistler. Come for the mountains, stay for the ambiance. Get a head start on planning your relaxing getaway to the mountains by organizing a list of activities and accommodations including Whistler transportation options.

Mountain Getaway

Every year, eager tourists flow into this mountain oasis to enjoy the best of outdoor adventures and relaxation, with many of them traveling directly from Vancouver to Whistler. Surrounded by glacial mountains on all sides, this resort town offers a unique balance of nature and luxury. Whistler offers fantastic activities year round, including snow sports and ice sailing in the winter and hiking and biking in the summer. The location’s cool wet winters juxtaposed with summers that are warm and dry make it an ideal year-round tourist destination. People travel from all over the world to hit the slopes at Whistler, especially since the village famously hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Whistler Resort
Whistler Resort

The vibrant ecosystem offers an intimate view of ancient cedar trees, unending meadows, waterfalls, and glacial lakes. In addition, there are many hiking opportunities with breathtaking mountain views. Many of the trails are bike friendly. The area surrounding Whistler is home to many wild animal species including marmots, deer, bears, cougars, birds, eagles, and a variety of fish. Time spent exploring the natural wonders of the land at Whistler is the perfect opportunity to become one with nature.

Having Fun in the Village

Whistler Village is a quaint, ethereal mountain town full of exciting and relaxing accommodations for tourists. Many contemporary restaurants and shops await visitors who are looking for a little down time in between hitting the slopes or canoeing on the lakes. The village offers vibrant nightlife and entertainment, complete with many high-end eateries and a number of nightclubs. The village is defined by gorgeous architecture and a warm and friendly culture.

Whistler Transportation

Planning ahead is key. Many people make their route to Whistler from the city of Vancouver. If you are flying into Vancouver and plan on traveling from the Vancouver airport to Whistler via shuttle, it is essential to arrange transportation ahead of time to ensure getting safely to and from the city or airport for both your arrival and departure dates. Visit for information on comprehensive transportation solutions to, from, and around Whistler. A mountain getaway to the Canadian wild is a gift for the mind, body, and soul. Whistler offers a unique fusion of nature and contemporary architecture. There is no place else on Earth quite like Whistler, where you can shop, eat, relax, and explore the best of the North American wild all in one awe-inspiring place.

Jack Benefold is a Canadian travel and tourism writer who blogs about the best of the best Canadian destinations. When visiting Whistler, Jack highly recommends you visit from comprehensive transportation solutions from the Vancouver airport to Whistler and back, as well as any other transit solutions you may need.