Moving Abroad: Thailand


Have you ever felt fed up with your everyday routine and secretly wished to move house, state and country and find a new place to call home? Well, perhaps you should go for it: “If you don’t like where you are, change it. You are not a tree,” as the old saying goes. And in case you don’t know where to start looking for a new home and job vacancies that fit your bill optimally, we suggest you give Thailand a serious thought. A land of friendly people, delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches and breath-taking wildlife, tons of adrenaline-pumping thrills, abundant job opportunities and affordable housing options, Thailand may just turn out to be everything you’re looking for in a place to spend the rest of your lifetime in.

Breath-Taking Wildlife - Thailand
Breath-Taking Wildlife – Thailand

A job that pays more than just bills: Job opportunities in Thailand

Thanks to a large number of high-paying jobs and relatively low living costs, Thailand is a perfect place to start looking for a new job. Depending on your qualifications and work experience, you will be able to make a decent living and perhaps even save some pretty penny for the future. The Thai average monthly salary adds up to 16,600B (upon tax subtraction), which is more than enough to cover your housing costs, bills and food expenses. For comparison’s sake, a typical manufacturing job in Thailand pays 6,500B monthly, while a nanny’s or driver’s monthly income adds up to 8,000-10,000B. According to recent research, the list of best-paid jobs in Thailand includes some unassuming and not overly demanding professions qualification-wise, such as finance managers, HR managers, analyst programmers, business development managers and database managers.

Thailand Beautiful Beach
Thailand Beautiful Beach

Affordable enough to call a home: Cost-efficient housing options

Moving abroad has its inevitable downsides and costs, but if your removal destination is Thailand, you can rest assured: in this wonderful country, prices of accommodation and housing are highly affordable as average monthly rent price adds up to around 10,900B for single-bedroom apartments in the city centre and about 6,500B for one-bedroom flats outside the downtown, while a three-bedroom flat will cost you a monthly 30,000B in the downtown and 16,000B outside the city centre. Prices of flats to purchase in Thailand are relatively reasonable, starting from 48,000B per square meter on the outskirts of the city up to 78,000B in the downtown. Public utilities like electricity, water, heating and garbage will set you back a monthly 2,100B for apartments sizing up to 85m2, while cable/ADSL internet access at 6 Mbps and unlimited data deals will cost you a monthly 640B.

Moving to Thailand
Moving to Thailand

Treats for all the senses: Food and restaurant prices in Thailand

When it comes to food, Thailand is a well-known gourmet destination that offers lots of traditional dishes well-known worldwide for their exquisite palate-tingling taste. Characterized by an abundance of chilly and sour aromas and some surprising flavor combinations, Thai cuisine is a must-try for all epicures and food lovers eager to take their dining experiences to a whole new level. The average McDonalds meal in Thailand is priced at 150B, but dining costs go up to 500B per three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant, so in case you want to save up some money on food, you’re highly recommended to buy fresh groceries at the local greenmarket and prepare your meals at home. Most greenmarkets in Thailand have a plentiful offer of fresh fruit, veggies and local produce like cheese, wine and bread, and the prices are also more than affordable so you won’t find it difficult to settle on a decent bargain with the local vendors.

In case you want to move country, find a job and start a whole new life in an exotic paradise, Thailand is definitely one of the go-to options to take into serious consideration before you book your flight and start packing your bags. In case you’re eager to learn more about this wonderful country and all it has to offer to newcomers and tourists, you can find a lot of info online – and in case of any dilemmas and further inquiries, you can always contact your Thai embassy for additional details and clarification about visas, work permits and similar matters.