Package Tours For Turkey or a Custom Made Itinerary?


If you are planning to visit Turkey some day, you need at least two weeks to visit the whole country and although some people prefer visiting it on their own, since it is a big country and places of interest are far from each other, it would be a good idea to ask for help from an experienced and trustable travel agent.

It is for sure that you will need some tour programs but there are two alternatives in this case. One of them is taking a package tour itinerary with a big group for visiting the whole country in about ten days and the second one is asking for a tailor made itinerary. But which one to decide? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Package tours in Turkey generally have departure from Istanbul with around forty people in the same group and you usually do not have chance to say “I will not visit this place because I am not interested”. You should move with the rest group but there are countless advantages of it as well. For example in package tour programs, as the number of participants are high, the travel agency organizing the tours get better prices from high quality hotels and you pay a reasonable amount of money. And generally all the meals are included in the price.

If you vote for a tailor made itinerary, then you should know the most important advantage of it; less number of clients on the tour. Ans also you will have chance to see whichever place you choose and you will have opportunity to stay there as long as you want. Tailor made tour in Turkey actually means a long itinerary made by a combination of small tour packages. For example, you can combine your visit in Istanbul with a short tour package like this. And spending only one week in Turkey will be enough in this case.

In either way, I am sure you will enjoy Turkey very much as it is a charming country.