Planning a Cycling Holiday for Beginners


Several years ago the vast majority of holidaymakers would have liked nothing more than jetting off on a budget airline and hitting some of the exotic European destinations that have built a reputation on being tourist-friendly for decades. While there’s no doubt that this huge market still exists, some of these travellers have started to consider more conservative options and a cycling getaway falls right into this category. Admittedly, it’s never going to replace the lads’ trip to Magaluf or anything else along those lines, but you’d be surprised at how many people are turning to this route.

Cycling Holiday
Cycling Holiday

The reason for the surge in interest on this type of holiday is unknown. With airlines constantly hiking their prices, you can drive to practically anywhere in the country with your bike and the fact can mean that you can save a significant amount of money by choosing this route. However, perhaps a more viable reason is that a cycling holiday can be combined with other interests – whether it’s sightseeing, spending time with the family or just exercising.

If we’ve managed to convince you with the short blurb, then read on to find out exactly how you should prepare for this type of getaway. As you will have probably gathered by now, it’s not quite like packing a pair of shades and sun cream and hoping for the best…

Location, Location, Location

Unsurprisingly, the choice in location for your getaway is paramount. Most parts of the UK are primed to cyclists and if you were to investigate the National Cyclist Network, you would probably see that a lot of destinations are actually quite close to you now. However, if you are making a break of it, try and visit somewhere that is susceptible to tourists. The Yorkshire Dales is always a good option due to its natural beauty, while the Lake District, Kent and Lincolnshire are some other favourites because of their scenery. The main aim is to find somewhere that is great for cycling – but might also give you a day off with another attraction.

Cycling Trip

Bike Friendly Accommodation

Now we’re by no means suggesting that a bike is like a pet – where only certain establishments will accept them. We’re instead referring to the security elements, with some hotels simply not having the facilities to securely store bikes in the evening. Some will allow you to take them up to your room, but others may frown upon this practice. Usually, if you opt for a local establishment you won’t encounter any problems, but be sure to ask the question when you make the reservation anyway.

Accessorise Like There’s No Tomorrow

If you’ve never ventured on a long bike trip before, you’ll probably be in for a surprise. You’ll regularly require fluid replenishment, while it might also be a good idea to attach some form of baggage compartment to your bike to carry those extra items. Check out a vendor such as AW Cycles for more ideas, and also consider the safety aspects with lighting always crucial in case those rides overrun.

Bike Transportation

This is probably one of the most important issues to consider – should you take your own bike or hire from a local business. Of course, it will mainly depend on your method of transportation and if you are taking the whole family, loading the car with several bikes could pose a problem. Roof racks can of course help, but many find it easier to just hire their equipment and return it at the end of their holiday.