Prefer Fuel Efficiency Over Size While Choosing A Camping Stove


Although you are buying a portable, back packing stove, but you must always buy the stove which is fuel efficient. These days we are depriving our earth from its valuable natural resources, and as we know that we have not inherited all these resources from our ancestors, but have borrowed them for our successors, so we should always consider fuel efficiency in mind. Although the most fuel efficient camping stove may become a bit bulky but still fuel efficiency should be the first preference.

Camping Stove
Camping Stove

Fuel efficiency is an important criterion that you should keep in mind before buying any camping stove you desire. These following points will surely help you a lot:-

• Fuel efficient backpacking stoves are a bit heavy and bulky but are extremely stable, easy to handle and possess wind resisting properties. These stoves are unique and exceptionally good.
• A more fuel efficient camping stove has a much longer life than other stoves. Thus fuel efficiency means cost efficiency also.
• Some fuel efficient stoves can serve you by cooking tons of foods. Suppose you are planning on an adventure safari trip, or on climbing a chilling mountain, these stoves will prove to be your best friends.
• A fuel efficient stove will also help you to carry less amount of fuel in the trip, making your bags a little lighter. Carrying a lighter bag is preferred by many people as it helps to walk longer routes if the baggage is lighter.

The practical thing is that every stove works well in a particular environment and is able to satisfy a particular need. So, one need to see to which place they are going and how many persons are going in the trip and one must choose the camping stove accordingly. You can get detailed reviews about backpacking stoves from

Backpacking Stove
Backpacking Stove

It also depends on which time of the year you have gone for the trip. If you have gone during the summer months, then naturally the boiling time will be much less than the winter months. It also depends on which stove you are carrying with you in the trip. Some stoves take a longer time to make the water boil, while some make the water and other food reach boiling point quite faster.

Fuel efficiency is the most important aspect that you should remember as the more a stove is fuel efficient, the more it is stable, easy to handle and cost effective also. So, no need to eat all the canned food, just take fresh, cook and enjoy.