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Visitors’ privacy will remain intact. This notice is provided to assure you that you have nothing to worry regarding leaking of your information. Your personal information like e-mail ids, phone number if sheared with us will be safe and secure. We will not share or sell any information of you to other third party person of organization.

Third party advertisement policy

Google and a few other sites may use cookies to distribute ads on the site. Google uses these dart cookies to track down interested customer and showing them preferable ads. One may easily disable this option by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Child’s privacy policy

The need to protect a child’s personal privacy is one of the important features of this website. does not intend to hold or receive any child’s information in this website. No part of this website is developed to entertain anyone under 16 years old as the terms and conditions clearly state that this website is made for 16 years and older.

Important links in the site

There are links attached in this site to give further information on the topic. These links naturally have their own privacy policies for the visitors of their respected websites. One should check out those policies before going deep into the sites. All Tour Package does not hold any kind of responsibility for the problems relating with the other websites.

Freedom to change

All Tour Package can change its privacy policy without giving any previous notice. The decision for the website will be decided entirely by the policy maker and to anyone else.


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