Reasons You Should Fly Business Class


Travelling business class is not only about comfort but also about the overall experience. Experience, in this case includes how the airline treats you as its guest, how you felt after the completion of the journey — the food, seats, drink, people, and how healthy or unhealthy you felt after a long flight. Business class can give you a taste in the mouth that leaves you wanting for more. Provided you had been smart enough in booking early enough, the costs are not prohibitive.

Here are some great reasons to fly business class at least once.

Business Class Passenger
Business Class Passenger

Enjoy a hassle-free, smooth boarding

Airliners treat you like royal guests and it starts from the hotel, if you are staying at one. Depending on your contract with the airlines, you are entitled to a chauffeur-driven car from your doorstep to the airport. After you reach the airport, the airport staff greets you and manages your luggage till you board the aircraft. Boarding card, seating, security check, you are entitled to almost everything on a priority basis. As a business class passenger, you are entitled to priority boarding when boarding is announced. You have a separate, sparsely occupied queue. Imagine all these as an economy class passenger.

Feel pampered on board

The special attention begins right after you take your seat and you feel the difference. The seat quality is great and comfortable. You are entitled to plenty of legroom, internet access, huge collection of movies and games on a brilliant display. You do not need to fight for the overhead luggage compartments like is the case in the economy class. And the food is great. In fact, airliners hire specialist chefs to serve exotic dishes on board for business class passengers. You are going to really enjoy the quality food. And that is not all. You are entitled to as much food as you want. On board, you get a select collection of drinks and beverages and you can enjoy as much as you want. The attendants are usually polite and caring (this is not meant to suggest that they are any less caring when they are attending to the economy class passengers.

Travel Economy Class
Travel Economy Class

Feel healthy and fresh after a long flight

Long-haul flights are often an ordeal. You feel tired, sleepy and sick after you land and may take some time before regaining normalcy. That is especially the case if you travel economy class. Business class gives you plenty of leg room and comfortable, reclining seats so that you can sleep well. An important factor is that there is no middle seat. So, you do not need to inconvenience your fellow passenger to get up and take a walk along the aisle. Also, there is no competition for the armrest.

You get every bit of value

Yes, business class tickets seem pricey, at least on domestic routes. But, on international routes and long-haul flights, they are every bit worth the penny you spend. You need to feel good and fresh, especially on a business trip. So, nothing beats a business class experience.