Rise of The Trailer Tents


There’s no doubt that the camping industry has modernised over the last few years and while it’s too early to say that the days of pitching a tent are long gone, an increasing number of people are starting to turn to more glamorous options. This could immediately lead us onto the phenomenon of glamping, although this guest article is instead going to concentrate on the emergence of trailer tents and why they are proving to be so popular for camping enthusiasts.

If you are in two minds on whether or not to rent a tent for your next getaway, read on to see some of the reasons why fellow travellers have decided to take advantage of the vehicles.

The towing factor

Many people forget about the practicalities when it comes to caravans and similar vehicles, with towing being something that is often not considered. The size of caravans means that many vehicles aren’t physically and legally for that matter, permitted to tow them on the UK roads. Suffice to say, trailer tents are much smaller in size and this means that most vehicles won’t have a problem in towing. On a similar note, they are also easier to control and if you are a towing novice, this could play a big part in your decision.

Avoiding the creepy crawlies

From our experience, one of the biggest advantages that are associated with trailer tents are that the beds are raised, meaning that campers are not sleeping on the floor. For the seasoned camper, this won’t be an issue, but as we discussed previously the industry is changing and a lot of the ‘modern campers’ will demand an element of luxury when it comes to their sleeping quarters.

Jungle Trip with Trailer Tents
Jungle Trip with Trailer Tents

The self-contained kitchen

The issue of luxury can be reinforced through the self-contained kitchens that most trailer tents include. Again, this isn’t something that is going to stand out as a ‘wow factor’ for those that have been used to the traditional camping experience for many a year, but for everyone else it will be significant. The kitchens contained in trailer tents can be quite substantial in the larger models and it brings a completely different dimension to campsite cooking.

Quick erection

Don’t read into this next sub-heading too literally, as while trailer tents can be a lot of things they are not the answer to all problems! However, one issue they are charged with making easier is the setting up phase and anyone who has struggled to pitch a tent will know exactly what we mean when we describe it as one of the most frustrating practices of a trip. Most trailer tents simply fold out and don’t need to be pegged down to the ground, meaning that you’ll be up and running in no time.

Better pitch choices

As strange as it may sound, many campsites have completely different rules when it comes to trailer tents. Seasoned campers might have found themselves in the unfortunate position of not being allowed into certain sites, which don’t permit caravans. However, trailer tents are seen completely differently and the vast majority will be happy to accommodate them. We’re not quite sure on the reasons either; especially as these vehicles can be made so much bigger than the typical caravan with accessories such as awnings.