Solo Travel Tours on the Increase


Going on holiday solo might seem like a daunting task but more and more singles are taking the plunge. Lots of chains of hotels are claiming that there has been a serious surge of single female bookings over the past few years and this is rising. The reason being is probably just down to the sheer numbers of people choosing to live alone. In 2012 29% of all households consisted of just one person with 2 million lone parents according to the Office of National statistics. These numbers have been steadily growing over the years and the trend looks set to stay.

In years gone by it seemed to be the norm to grow up, get married settle down and have children and become the typical stereotypical family. The man goes out to work and the women stays at home. There was a time not that long ago when girls were literally taught to be house wives at school. They were taught everything needed to be the perfect ‘wife’ and run a house hold such as cooking, cleaning, ironing and sewing. They certainly were not looked upon as that intelligent or expected to become teachers, nurses or business women. Luckily schools have evolved and girls are given the freedom and equality to get a good career in whatever they desire.

Today some women choose not to have children and choose a career path, as do some men. We don’t live in the same society that we once used to. The typical stereotypical family is no more. People today are seeing the benefit of being single and choosing to live a life which doesn’t involve spending all spare energy on making a relationship work ‘until death do us part’. I for one have never married and it really doesn’t interest me. I couldn’t promise someone I would love them forever, people change and we live a lot longer than we used to. Marriage was invented when life expectancy was just 40. We now live twice that age which might explain in part the high divorce rates. Recently it has been in the news how the number of older couples getting divorced is on the increase.

Planning a solo holiday

If you are thinking of going on holiday but do not have a husband or partner or single friend to go with, do not fear. You are not alone; in fact you are part of a growing trend and there are lots of hotel companies which offer perfect holiday packages for single people. They have to as the demand for singles holidays is rising. You don’t have to go on a holiday designed for singles. Going to a typical holiday resort might be your cup of tea if you don’t mind being around couples with families. If you would rather go somewhere where you will meet other like minded people you need to find a holiday firm that caters for singles.

There are plenty of holidays and solo travel tours to choose from so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. The best way to plan for a holiday is first of all to decide what you want from your holiday. Think about the things that interest you and the countries or cities you would like to visit. Then think about the activities you would like to do such as cycling or excursions such as snorkelling. Then when you have a list of interests, places and activities just head over to good old Google and get searching. Use your list as your searching keywords. For example if you have London, food and tour on your list, Google just that: “London food tour” and see what comes up. You can do countless searches like this until you find tours and holiday companies that offer just what you want.

Another way is to get a specialist tour company to arrange everything for you. Perhaps you fancy a chauffeur and would like someone at your beck and call every minute of the day, this is now all possible. Some companies just ask some basic questions such as the ones above and with your budget will work out the perfect solo holiday itinerary. Pretty much anything goes these days. Don’t let being single stop you from doing anything you want to. Being single has many advantages and it doesn’t have to stop at holidays. Without anyone to compromise with, you can arrange a trip which is exactly to your specification, doing only things YOU want to do and when. Sound likes a dream holiday to me. So what are you waiting for? Bon Voyage!