Spectacular Spots in Manchester


Manchester is a destination in the UK that always has something going on in the numerous theatres, museums as well as arenas located within the city.

Among the spots you cannot afford to miss out on when in Manchester include:

1. Manchester Cathedral

– As much as it located behind one of the busiest areas in the city, Manchester Cathedral provides the most peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

– The cathedral dates back to as early as 1215.

– The cathedral’s architectural design as well as the usage of stained glass cannot go unnoticed as they are very impressive.

– However, before visiting it is important that you check to know whether there are any special services for you to plan a visit.

– There is no admission fee to the cathedral.

2. Old Trafford Museum and Stadium

– The Old Trafford Stadium also known as the Theatre of Dreams is one of the key attractions in Manchester alongside the Old Trafford Museum.

– The stadium hosted its first ever game in 1910.

– A tour around the historic grounds lasts for 70 minutes.

– However, on match days, there are no tours while a day before a European home game, tours end by 1pm.

– If you want to access the stadium you will need to buy a stadium ticket as a museum ticket will restrict you to the museum area.

– You will have to pay for admission hence it is important for you to make inquiries beforehand.

3. Manchester Art Gallery

– This is a famous gallery housed right in the heart of Manchester.

– Here, you will find a wide collection of works of art.

– Among the works include Pre-Raphaelite paintings done by Ford Madox Brown as well as Adolphe Valette’s paintings of Manchester.

– Adolphe Valette was LS Lowry’s teacher. Lowry went on to become Manchester’s most famous painter.

– This interactive gallery is one that is best enjoyed by families.

– There are numerous free resources to lookout for. Such include family backpacks and explorer tool-belts.


4. John Rylands Library

– This library named after cotton merchant John Rylands first opened its doors in 1900.

– The library was built by his wife in his commemoration.

– The neo-Gothic building’s exterior and interior are both impressive especially to architectural enthusiasts.

– Since there are vents and exhibitions held here on a regular basis, it is better to make inquiries before planning to visit.

– You do not have to worry about paying any admission fees as it is free to enter.

5. Museum of Science and Industry

– This is the spot if you want to learn everything about Manchester in terms of its industrial and scientific past.

– The museum is located on Liverpool Road, Castle field.

– Here, you have the opportunity to ride on a steam train as well as walk through a Victorian sewer.

– There is also an air and space gallery available here.

– Admission is free and the museum is open daily.

The good thing about visiting the spots in Manchester is the fact that this can be done in a car as they are within a driving distance of each other. All you need to do is be armed with a UK drivers licence or find someone who has one to drive you around.

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