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This site invites you to check out the terms and condition of the site very carefully for your own personal safety. This is a tour and travel site that provides you with all the relevant information that will help you to choose and make the right decisions for your travel.

The terms and condition helps you to find the nature of the site and if you disagree with any part of the contract it is highly advisable not to go further browsing this site.

There are few basic policies that you should probably keep in mind while you are in this site:

1) The content of this site can be changed anytime without giving any prior notice.

2) The site is not responsible for any kind of travel related hazard that you face while your travel experience.

3) The site gives you an idea of places with prospective information. The site is not to be blamed for any kind of change of info that you may face on tour.

4) If any picture and news posted in this site offends you in any way the site refuses to be responsible.

5) There are some third parties posting news and ads in this site. For any type’s ads violence or stolen articles from other sites, All Tour Package will not take responsibility.

6) If any images provided by third party to post their articles on this site; for any duplicity of the images, All Tour Package will not be responsible.

7) All articles posted in this site are property of this site alone and should not be copied in anyway.

8) The site has a strict under18 policy. Anyone below the age of 18 is advisable to stay away from the website.

9) Unauthorized or illegal uses of any part of this website may make you an easy target of cyber crime and can cause you to face legal difficulties.

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