The Dream City of Paris


“Paris” the very name is mesmerizing. The charm and splendor of Paris is everlasting. The city is the epitome of beauty, and the art capital of the world. The city breathes fashion. Everywhere you go in the city or anywhere you look you will see the work of art. Even the shops and the street fountain are all display the fine art, the creation of artist. Visiting Paris is “a dream come true” for anyone.

It is the ideal destinations for lovers. Couples from all over the world come here to express their love for one another. The kiss in front of the famous Eiffel tower is what everyone wants to cherish for the rest of their lives. Thousands of couple everyday visits this particular spot to enjoy an eternal moment.

There are other iconic places in Paris that you must visit once you are here. The louvre museum, arc de triomphe, Basilique du Sacre Coeur, Champs Elysees, Sainte Chapelle, Palace of Versailles, Tuileries Garden are few of the other places that you may visit while you are in the city. Beside this there are numerous museums, cathedrals, churches etc.

Paris will allow you to be creative, to go to the seaside and admire the nature. The city is liberal and allows you to be yourself. The city is the home to some of the world’s topmost creative genius and beautiful minds. Artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, designers all find this city very much as of their own. The city has produced and holds some of most acclaimed celebrated artworks.

While you soak the arty atmosphere you must be getting hungry. Not to worry at all, you can eat the art too; no, not art like painting or sculpture but food art. Yes experience the artistic culinary French cuisine and explore a new world of food and cooking. Try Croissant and Creme Brulee which are a part of great French food tradition.

Explore Paris and have a time of your life. Happy holiday!