The Five Prettiest Florida Beaches


If you have never experienced Florida’s beaches before, you are in for a stunning treat. Even if you have visited Florida’s seascapes in the past, you already know about the full impact of their appeal. For this very reason, debate continually rages about which beaches are, in fact, the prettiest of all. These five, however, routinely make everyone’s “top 10” list, so you may want to add them to your “top five must-visit” list for your next trip!

Sanibel Island Beach

Tourists headed to Sanibel Island are already anticipating all of the best that Florida’s beach scene has to offer. Not only is Sanibel Island itself known to have some of the best “shell hunting” (as in intact conch and scallop shells) in the state, but the beach scene offers plenty of variety. If you want a bit more liveliness, head to Lighthouse Beach to walk the boardwalk and tour the lighthouse. If you are seeking a quiet, pure nature experience, Bowman’s Beach might be right up your alley.


South Beach is a pure go-to destination for many Florida-bound tourists. The reputation of the beach scene is well known, as is its people watching, club scene, fine dining and celebrity sightings. Literally jam-packed with things to see and do, you can indulge in water sports to your heart’s content, lay on the sand or play in the surf, shop and fill your tummy with tasty edibles, make new friends from all over the world and live it up after the sun goes down and South Beach’s famous nightlife springs into action.


Siesta Key Beach’s main claim to fame is its sand. Specifically, the sand at Siesta Key is said to be comprised of full 99 percent white quartz, giving it a gleam unlike the sand you will find on any other beach. Some of white quartz’s many wonderful properties (besides being lovely to behold) include that it stays cooler than traditional sand no matter how hot the sun bakes down. White quartz sand is also especially good for making that childhood favorite – sand castles. This is a great family-friendly beach because the waters are not deep and there are year-round lifeguards.

Florida Beaches
Florida Beaches


Perdido Key Beach in Pensacola is an absolute standout amongst Florida’s many beautiful beaches. If you enjoy birdwatching, you will have the chance to see many of the seabirds that call Florida home, including some endangered species that are known to visit the beach to build their nests. You can also drive your car right up onto the sand.


Clearwater Beach is another fabulous family-friendly beach that offers everything a family could ask for – water sports, a pier with tasty concessions and playgrounds for the kids, a nearby recreation area, dolphin watching outings, fishing and more.

Many tourists consider these to be the most beautiful beaches in Florida – and around the world. Now you can visit each one and decide for yourself which beach is your favorite.

About the Author:

Sara Hartley grew up in Florida. She moved inland when she got married but she and her family still return at least twice a year to soak up the sun on Sanibel Island Beach.