The Most Creative Ways to Travel Green


Eco-tourism has become very popular in all parts of the world. Tourists are becoming more and more concerned about the environment and so green travelling ideas are increasing. If you too are eco-friendly and interested to try some ideas to save the nature and set an example to others, here are some creative tips you can try the next time you travel.

Go Biking:

Conventional transportation burns lot of fuels resulting in the release of the carbon gases that damage the environment. Use bicycles whenever you can while you are travelling few miles at your destination; in this way, you can decrease the carbon footprint. Avoid renting cars and motorcycles when you are not travelling very far. To travel long distances, you can avail public transport facility unless you have heavy luggage.

Electric or Hybrid Vehicles:

Some countries have the facility of renting electric or hybrid (that can run both on fuel and power) cars to tourists. They decrease the pollution by a large extent. Who knows? You may be very impressed by it that you may feel to buy one once you are back home.

Travel Light:

Pack only the items that you are going to need so that you travel light. In this way, you decrease the amount of fuel that flights, buses, trains or cars, will burn to carry your weight. Plan well ahead by making a note of the things that you will require, this will avoid the last-minute hurry when you tend to put many unnecessary items.

Green Accommodations:

Rather than thinking about checking into a star hotel that offers all the facilities that you won’t need, inquire what are the green accommodations available at the touring spot. Many hotels and resorts are becoming environment friendly and so they practice ideas like providing drinking water on request only, energy saving and solid waste management.

Eat Local Food:

Rather than craving for the exotic foods, try to eat local food. In this way, you will also do your part in supporting local communities. Also, imported foods will be transported by burning a lot of fuel.

Non-Stop Flights:

Prefer travelling by non-stop flights as they save the extra fuel that is burnt for too many take-offs. It also makes travelling more comfortable for you. It tried it once while returning from Manchester and it was a good experience. All I did was to call the manchester airport telephone number and ask the personnel there about non-stop flights from Manchester to New York. You can also check the details on the Internet while booking your tickets.

Refillable bottles:

If you have the habit of buying water in disposable plastic bottles, stop it now. Each plastic bottle you throw away after use will take more than 10 years to decompose, and even after that it releases poisonous gases into the earth. So, you are directly destroying our planet this way. Use refillable bottles by filling clean drinking water wherever you can. You can also save some money this way.

Less Garbage:

The biggest problem for any tourist spot in the world is that the people who come to visit it throw their waste (like paper cups, candy covers, foils) in places other than trash cans. Avoid it at all costs and try to keep the place clean. It is even better to reduce the waste.


Whenever you go on a holiday, it will be best if you select a spot for hiking instead of travelling in a car. Hiking also gives you adequate exercise and lets you enjoy the ambiance at your own pace.