Things to Consider Before Buying an Anti Pollution Mask


Cycling is one of the greenest modes of commutation. Earlier, just the countryside people and rural areas were preferable to drive this healthier means of transportation, but the increasing pollution in the urban areas has made it imperative for people to resort to cycling. While riding cycles help reduce the pollution, cyclists have to bear the brunt of pollution caused by motor vehicles. Increasing number of cyclists prefer wearing Bicycle Mask to safeguard their lungs from the pollutants. There are a variety of masks available that help cyclists to reduce the harm of aerial pollution. However, the cyclists face another dilemma and that is choosing the right Anti Pollution Mask. While choosing the right type and brand of mask, cyclists should consider some things that will help make their choice easier.

Check the following before buying Anti pollution Masks

The fitting and seal of the mask play a very important role. The protective bike masks that the cyclists purchase should be able to form the seal around the face of the wearer. This is because that the airflow remains limited to the intake of the filter. There are even other things that matter when it comes to cyclists’ masks. The protective cycling mask should have the capacity of protecting the wearer against the microscopic particles along with obnoxious gases that are emitted by motor vehicles. The filter is the most important thing when it comes to masks. The other thing that matter is the comfort. The cyclists are required to wear the masks for longer durations. If they are not comfy wearing the masks, then it can lead to bad consequences. They should see that while wearing the masks they are able to breathe easily through the filter. Putting extra efforts while breathing forms condensation on the inside, which should be limited.

The importance of convenience in Bicycle Masks

A good Filtration system is imperative when it comes to Cycling Masks. However, comfort and convenience are equally important. While choosing the masks, the wearer should see that the mask is light in weight as well as does not result in any kind of discomfort around the nose or below the chin. It should be easy to use and flexible in functioning. The attachment of the Cycling Mask should be uncomplicated, simple to clean and easy to carry along whenever on a ride. If there are many hassles involved, cyclists try to avoid wearing masks for shorter journeys thereby getting exposed to harm of pollution.

The changing trends of protective masks for cycling

Earlier, people use to wear such protective bicycle masks that were available from the street side vendors. However, those masks are not at all reliable. They do not offer complete protection. The newly introduced special masks have become the first choice of people who are conscious of their health and do not want to take any chances. However, instead of purchasing exorbitantly priced protective bike mask, they should choose those ones that are reasonably priced and even the replacement filters are budget friendly.

Why purchase protective cycling masks?

The protective bike mask by Totobobo is easily available. They are easy to acquire and even simple to use, making it a completely hassle free process for the users.