Travel to Switzerland


If you are looking for a truly unique travel destination for your vacation, consider Switzerland. This landlocked Central European country of 7,952,600 (2011 population results) has several truly great tourist destinations.

The country is known for its famous “Swiss-made” luxury goods and souvenirs. The most popular of these is Swiss watches. Some of the leading brands in the country are Rolex, Patek Philippe, Swatch, and Omega. Switzerland is also famous for its chocolate, examples being Pamaco chocolates and Lindt. Other great Swiss luxury goods and souvenirs are regional cheese specialties and Swiss army knives.

Switzerland has a lot to offer in terms of monuments, both old and new. No trip to Switzerland is complete without a visit to Chapel Bridge in Lucerne. This bridge and its water tower was built around 1300, making it the most ancient preserved wooden bridge in all of Europe. The Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva shores is probably the most famous castles in Switzerland. It consists of about 100 buildings and it dates back to the eleventh century. The Geneva Jet D’eau is a famous attraction. The fountain is located in the heart of Geneva. It projects water about 140 meters high. It was constructed in 1891. Other monuments that you should consider visiting include Grossmünster, Fraumünster, Cathedral Notre-Dame, Hôtel de Ville,St-François church, Chillon castle, St. Gallen Cathedral, Castello di Montebello, and Castelgrande (with a museum).

Travel to Switzerland
Travel to Switzerland

You could go hiking as the country has many hiking paths. These paths have small yellow markings and signposts. They include easy-to-go paths, mountain/alpine trails, and climbing routes. Another option for lovers of the great outdoors is mountain biking. Almost all alpine results in the country have challenging mountain bike tours. Yet another attraction for adrenaline junkies is paragliding, including paragliding schools in most resorts.

Most people go to Switzerland for its winter sports. Downhill skiing is particularly popular. Most Swiss alpine results that are located above 1500 meters offer ski runs as well as such transportation as ski-lifts and gondolas. The country is also popular for its cross country skiing, especially in its Engadin region. Visit Switzerland for its après ski, which is basically what you do after skiing. Most resorts have numerous activities indoors and outdoors. You could go on sledge rungs (do tobogganing). There are about 150 sledge runs ranging from 1 and 15 kilometers in the country.

If you love art, Switzerland has a lot to offer. You could visit the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne. The museum exhibits ships, locomotives, automobiles, aircraft, and other modes of communication and transport. The country hosts several carnivals all year round.

Offshore banking: This might be one of the most unique attractions in Switzerland. Although the country is landlocked, it is still one of the most popular offshore tax havens. There are strict banking laws that ensure your account is strictly confidential. Some accounts only have numbers – no names.

You could visit the Swiss National Park where you can view the Alps in all its magnificence. The national park covers about half the area of the country. Here, you will see such animals as eagles, marmots, and elks. You could visit The Rhine Falls which is the largest waterfall in Europe.