Tricks and Traps You Should Be Aware of While in Thailand


Thailand is a place which always keeps tourists on their toes, with its various attractions and entertainment activities. It is fully loaded with energy and one can get highly excited with the opportunities available for fun and Uniktour helps you in exploring new places.

A tourist visiting Thailand should understand that the people are really creative, smart and are highly motivated to make money by using their skillful tactics. So, what are the trick and traps you should be aware of, when you plan to explore Thailand.

Thailand Attraction
Thailand Attraction

Don’t be awed by fake precious gems

Bangkok boasts of owning the world’s biggest Gems and jewelry factory, to which huge number of tourists are escorted each day. But some of these lovely shining Gem pieces might be extensively priced and your tour guide might not even give you enough time to judge the quality of the precious stone. The result is you buying a fake Gemstone, with an unreasonable price tag.

Keep your desires under control

With prostitution being legal in Bangkok, you can find pretty girls in every nook and corner of the country trying to lure you to shed some money. Even the brightly lit massage parlors or foot reflexology centers are owned by a few lovely ladies who very openly call you in for a massage. But, once you get in, they might get agitated or abuse you if you do not pay as per their demands or do not show any particular interest in them. So be very careful when you plan for such activities.

Elephant Ride - Thailand
Elephant Ride – Thailand

Heavy transportation costs

Some tourists who visit Bangkok avoid using the sky trains fearing that they may get lost without proper directions. But the roads are a mess in Bangkok due to the huge traffic and the Tuk Tuk drivers charge heavily for tourists who are unaware of the exact prices. So in case you have learnt about the prices previously, bargain and set a fixed price before you hop in.

Pickpocket and Thefts

If you plan to go shopping in the night markets and walk to these places, you might experience pickpocketing, stealing of handbags, wallet or money quite often. Especially if you are carrying your passport with you, you should be very cautious to keep it protected from the pickpocketers and protect your money by keeping it in your front pocket. Though the people are very friendly, it is always recommended to keep distance from strangers on roads.

Language and communication difficulties

Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” and people are usually warm and courteous. But when you go on a shopping spree or want to buy a quick roadside snack, the owners can be a bit rude at times when they do not understand your language. So it is always better to learn a few greeting words which are easily recognized by the Thai people. This helps in avoiding misunderstanding and fights in the market and shopping areas.

Trip in Thailand
Trip in Thailand

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