Using A Europe Based SIM Card To Save You Money


Mobile telephone companies are mandated by law to provide various communication services such as voice and data. Each mobile subscriber is provided with a unique identifier in form of a subscriber identification module (SIM) card. These services are normally Geo-specific and subscribers incur bills based on the location that they are calling. A Europe SIM allows users to make or receive international voice or data calls at low local rates without necessarily getting into a long term contract or getting a new mobile phone in a foreign country.

A Europe SIM card eliminates paying huge roaming fees with customers who are traveling with their regular cell phones. These Europe based SIM cards enable travelers to roam all over Europe without necessarily changing the SIM cards whenever they enter into a different country inside Europe. Often this particular service is prepaid so there is no need for deposits or credit checking. In addition, incoming calls with a Europe based SIM card are mostly free of charge which means it is easy for friends and colleagues to contact you while you are away. You can learn all that you will need to know about these devices at

Micro Nano Sim
Micro Nano Sim

A Europe SIM card comes with other benefits such as providing to the client the freedom of selecting the service start and end days, affordable rates because the Europe based SIM card company negotiates the deal on behalf of the clients, also the option of obtaining a country specific virtual number similar to the one normally issued with their local carrier which enables people back at home to call without incurring long distance or international charges. A Europe SIM card also enables users to select their calling plans which could be data only, or voice plus data 3G. The data roaming plans are also flexible and can be packaged into 50MB/pay, 100MB/pay or unlimited data roaming plans. Courtesy of data services, users with a Europe based SIM card can make free international VOIP calls with applications such as Skype. They can also navigate using GPS technology, browse the Internet, and send and receive e-mails. These SIM cards are also billed online via the phone or through credit cards. However, monthly plans can be settled with direct debit made through the client’s local bank account.

International SIM cards can be used with a laptop, a tablet computer or a Smartphone device. SIM cards are also beneficial in the sense that it is possible to save up to 90% on roaming charges. For instance if roaming with a United Kingdom based network users expect to be billed approximately $0.59/MB however, with a Europe SIM card there are data plans that costs as little as $0.05/MB. Above all these Europe based SIM cards come bundled with a 24/7 English speaking support which gives users maximum up time.

Kenneth Partrell loves to travel and to write about his travels. With advances in technology Kenneth has learned that taking a world phone with a Europe SIM card from on your next trip to Europe is an essential item to remember when considering how to best keep in touch without breaking the budget.