Visiting Dublin? 5 Awesome Things to do on Your Trip


A great tourist location, Dublin is famous around the world for its ability to entertain guests, both in ways they will, and won’t remember in the morning. If you’re looking to visit somewhere new, Dublin might be something you should consider, as it’s relatively easy to get to, and has a great number of things for you to do once you’re there. If it’s been decided that you’re going to visit Dublin, you’re probably on the lookout for things to do once you’re there, so you’re not wasting any time. Though a city full of attractions, there are some things that you just can’t go without seeing.

Visit the Pubs

The pubs of Ireland are like no other, and nowhere are this more obvious than in Dublin. You’ll find a variety of pubs in the region, and though everyone has their own opinion, it’s going to be up to you to decide which one is best. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a heavy drinker, the atmosphere in these pubs is unrivalled, and they can be an awesome way to get out of the rain you might experience, whilst you are in the city of Dublin.

Check Out Dublin Castle

Even if you’ve seen Buckingham Castle, and think nothing can stop it, you might want to take a look at Dublin Castle before you make any snap judgments. Even if you’re not a fan of castles, or historical buildings, give it a chance. You’ll find that it’s one of the most amazing buildings you’re ever likely to see, and it just might have you reconsidering the hotel you chose after visit, even if you did find an amazing one using a website such as

Enjoy St Patrick’s Day Parade

A national holiday, St. Patricks day takes place on the 17th of March. If you can, time your travels to coincide with this date, giving you the chance to enjoy the festivities, and get involved in the local culture.

Dublin Pub
Dublin Pub

Wisen Up at Trinity College

A place for the intellectuals, Trinity College is a spectacular location. The building itself is something you’ll be marveling at for while, though by taking a look at the grounds, you’ll be able to soak up all the history associated with the area. Just by having been witness to the college, you’ll feel as though your IQ has shot up a couple of points.

Cheer at Croke Park

A great place for sporting fans, Croke Park is an amazing place to check out the rugby. Even if you’re not the type to enjoy men bashing each other as they chase a weirdly shaped ball, watching the rugby in Croke Park will give you an experience that’s hard to find in other sporting locations.

Dublin Dreams

If you’re stuck on ideas for your next holiday destination, you might want to give Dublin a shot. With its amazing history, and glorious sights, you’ll find that visiting Dublin is one of the best decisions you’ve made lately. Once you’re there, you’ll be inundated with different things to do, so it’s key that you make the most of what’s likely to be a short journey, so you don’t miss out on any of the essential sights.