Why Is Penang So Famous For The Tourists?


Those individuals who really want to enjoy a memorable trip, Penang has it all for them. Once it was famously known due to Isle of the Betel Nut. This city can be also referred to as Pinang or Pulau.

Today, it is widely recognized as the food capital of Malaysia. Those people, who are truly searching for amazing kinds of hot and spicy foods, Penang has countless recipes to their best entertainment. In order to enjoy the most wonderful and marvelously delicious Malaysian foods, you should visit Penang this year. Every year hundreds of tourists visit in Penang to explore various kinds of sightseeing, rich and historical places. As a matter of fact, it is renowned for its diverse cultural patterns, sweet language, luxury hotels, resorts and five star restaurants. The most famous Penang attractions vary from Georgetown Attractions to Batu Ferringhi to Tanjung Bungah, Bayan Lepas to Gurney Drive and Burmese temple to the list goes on. Also, this city is famous because of its hottest beaches and sensational river cruises.

Penang is also widely recognized due to its hawker foods. Currently several Penang restaurants are serving their guests with a wider variety of hot, spicy and delicious foods at cost-effective rates. These hawker foods can be usually found on street stalls. When it comes to famous Malaysia food recipes, they include Indian cuisines, sweet Chinese foods, Malay cuisines and Nyona bistros. As far as the most spectacular recipes are concerned, they are known as noodles, seafood, sweet and crunchy potatoes. However, Penang Laksa is one of the famous recipes. Other recipes are known as Tari Burger, Cendol and Otak-Otak.

Penang Lodging
Penang Lodging

Elegant and graceful Penang lodging

Do you know why Penang famous is for most of the tourists? It is an illustrious destination for many tourists just because of its deluxe accommodation. In fact, Penang lodging entertains the tourists with countless wonderful amenities and elegant services, including (mini bars, satellite channels, spas, massage rooms, meeting rooms, squash courts, etc). Hotel Copthorne Orchid is the one that entertains the guests with various kinds of wonderful and affordable lodging services. In addition, Hotel Royal Penang has the same kind of facilities for the guests.

How do you find cheap Penang lodgings?

Simply you will need to visit various travel sites online in order to find the best comfortable and economical Penang lodging. By follow a quick travel guide to top lodgings, you can easily explore the best place for your accommodation.