Why People Miss Australia After Visiting It


Australia is a mysterious continent – for most of us it’s on the other side of the World, faraway, unknown, and barely explored. All that is true, but it is also true that Australia always evokes something. The Aussies are well known for their warm hospitality and easy-go spirits. Australia proposes wonderful possibilities to have great fun with the locals, travel around the country while discovering its diversity – ranging from mountains to rainy plains to deserts to tropical rain forests. There are arid rocks, endless marches and beautiful beaches with golden sand as far as the eye can tell. The biological diversity also stems from this variety of landscapes. Australia is home to the biggest number of endemic species, many of them have become symbolic with Australia or parts of it – like kangaroos, koalas, and platypus and Tasmanian devils. Just like many of the animals here can’t be found anywhere else, it is hard to find people as welcoming as Australians.

Australia Travel
Australia Travel

Top 5 things to see in Australia

Uluru, the Great Barrier reef, Sydney Opera house and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne+ Be amazed by the incredible biodiversity entirely planned city of Canberra and its landmarks, Port Arthur in Tasmania, beautiful skyscrapers area in Gold Coast, the Bungle Bungles, the pinnacles of Perth – list of landmarks both natural and manmade is long. But even more spectacular is the variety of cultural attractions Australia can offer. Starting from one of the oldest traditions in continuous existence still kept alive by the aboriginal population and ending with the vibrant surf culture stemming from the best beaches of the world, Australia has a lot to discover, both awe-inspiring things to see and wonderful experiences to live.

Australians have reasons to smile, they have created one of the freest, open societies with thriving economy. Australia is highly integrated society where the aboriginal people, early immigrants and late immigrants live together in a respectful and intertwined communities. Wherever you go you’ll notice how you are welcomed as an expected guest and not a bothersome tourist. Australians are often glad to show you around, you might even be able to visit the bush with them. Nothing compares to traveling through the country in its red deserts with a native expert to show around and experience the Australian life.

Gold Coast - Kangaroo
Gold Coast – Kangaroo

Top 5 things to experience in Australia

A Beach party on Gold Coast, Hug a koala and feed a kangaroo in Adelaide, Experience the spiritualism of the Uluru, one of the oldest places of cult still in continuous use. Have a taste at one of Australia’s most classic desserts, the Pavlova+ Visit Sydney during the Sydney Festival arts and music festival, one of the oldest of its kind Please note that to visit Australia visa is needed for many. While a big part of the world’s countries are covered by bilateral visa treaties, you should contact your foreign affairs services to learn about the exact visa conditions. Citizens of some countries might be eligible for Australia visa which allows you to spent time in Australia.